8 kesäkuun, 2014

Buffet style meals (salad, bread, main course & water for drink) are available at the tournament hall.

Make your reservations using the online form - deadline is October 21st, 2016 18:59 (GMT +03:00)

Options for special diets (gluten free, vegetarian) are also available. These must be ordered upfront using the form. 

The team leader will pay for the meals at the hall and receive meal coupons for the team. 

The price is 9,00 Eur / meal when ordered before hand. You will receive coupons accordingly.

There is limited amount of extra food reserved if you choose not to order upfront - the on-site ordered meal price is 9,80 Eur / meal.

Friday Lunch: 
meatballs and mushed potato
macaroni casserol
Saturday Lunch: 
ground meat - potato casserole
chicken pasta






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