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Tapion Sulka is one of the largest and most successful badminton clubs in Finland for over decades. The club was founded on 21 August 1960 and is one of the first badminton clubs in Finland. Nowadays our club’s members include already third-generation Tapion Sulka players.

Our training facilities have varied around Espoo and Helsinki along the years, but Esport Center in the Tapiola Sports Park has become our firm home base already during the last century.

The club’s purpose is to be a kind of ”department store of badminton” that aims at providing something to everyone interested in the sport, irrespective of age and level of play. Our members include both professional players and those playing once a week for fun, and everything in between. Our primary focus is on providing children and teenagers with quality activities. A sign of this is that Tapion Sulka is certified by the Finnish Olympic Committee and Badminton Finland. This certification means, among other things, that Tapion Sulka follows fair play rules in all of its activities.

Tapion Sulka values good team spirit and we are known in the Finnish badminton world for it. As a show of this, Badminton Finland, the sport’s governing body in our country, chose Tapion Sulka as Finland’s badminton club of the year in 2015 for successful tournament organizing and for our cheering at the Finnish championships organized between clubs.

We arrange possibilities to both train and play badminton as well as supplementary drills to be done off court. In addition, we organize several tournaments on an annual basis: international level as well as national level and intra-club tournaments meant just for our members. In order to sustain and raise our good team spirit, we also organize other off-court activities for our members.

Get to know our training groups and try badminton out with us!

Tapion Sulka Ry 

Toiminnanjohtaja Lasse Lindelöf
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