Compete in badminton - it's fun!

What to do and where to go, when you would like to start competing? There are a lot of options if you know where to look. Here are some good tips to get started:

Tapion Sulka's ranking event

The best way to introduce yourself to competing is to attend our club’s own monthly ranking-event. It is free to all the members of the club and everybody gets to play matches against players of the same level as themselves, regardless of age. The event takes about 3-4 hours. 

  • Registration happens in MyClub latest on the day before the competition at 9.00 pm.
  • Ranking-dates and more information is available here

Cityjunnusulkis (City junior badminton)

Cityjunnusulkis is a competition for junior players (born 2006 and all the younger ones) that are interested in competing or just want to get to play against new opponents that are at the same level as themselves. Tapion Sulka warmly encourage all the players to try out this event! This tournament works the same way, as our club’s ranking-event, only that all the players in this tournament are juniors from different clubs in South Finland. Cityjunnusulkis is held in Helsinki, Talihalli (Huopalahdentie 28), it doesn't require a competition license or a registration beforehand. All the players get to play against the players of the same level as themselves and play two to five matches. Participation costs 17€ and it includes 2 shuttles from the organizers. The event lasts a few hours, not the whole day.

Due to the great popularity of this competition, the day has been divided into two: Younger players' group's (born 2012 and younger) registration is at 9am. Older players (born 2006-2011) registration is at 11.30am. Be at the registration at the correct time.

  • The tournament days can be found here. There is also more information, but unfortunately only in Finnish.
  • There is also an updated ranking-list for the tournament after every competition day on the cityjunnusulkis webpage.

Badminton Finland's competition calendar

Here you can find Badminton Finland’s competition calendar

All the competitions found in Badminton Finland’s competitions calendar require a license. More information about buying a license can be found on page Competition entries.

There are three levels of competitions for the juniors.

  • Kansallinen juniorikilpailu (National junior competition) - a good level to start with, usually one-day competitions
  • Kansallisen tason kilpailut/Eliitit (National open competitions/Elites) - a grownups’ competitions, where juniors have their own category
  • Juniori Eliitti (Junior Elite) - advanced juniors also attend these competitions, but they are still suitable for the less experienced, due to the way the competition is run with multiple games for every player

Almost all the junior competitions are played in groups and that means at least two matches per player. Usually the two best players from each group get to move forward to the single elimination phase, which means that only winners move forward towards the final rounds. In junior elite competitions, they have two cups for every category, so two best players from each group continue to a Cup where they play for places 1.-4. or 1.-8. (depending how many players have registered in that category) and rest of the players in group continue to a Cup where they play for places 5.-8. or 9.-16. All in all, all the players have matches after the group stage.

It’s hard to say beforehand what competitions have a higher level compared to others and what would be the best fit for you. Just be brave and go try, that’s how you get more experience. You can also ask for advice from your coach.

The age categories in junior competitions are under 11 year-olds, under 13 year-olds, under 15 year-olds, under 17 year-olds and under 19 year-olds, occasionally also under 9 year-olds. Over 11 year-olds can attend the adult categories too.

Competitions for adults

  • Kansalliset kilpailut (National competitions)
  • Eliitit (Elites)
  • Premier Eliitit (Premier Elites)

The biggest difference between different competitions are in the ranking points given. From Premier Elites you get the most points. That also means that the best players in all the categories are more likely to attend Premier Elites and Elites. However skills wise the different skill categories make the most difference. There are four categories: C, B, A and V. Ranking points determine which category you are part of, and category changes are made twice a year, 1.1. and 1.7. Without any ranking points, your playing category is C. Age has nothing to do with your category, only ranking points matter.

There are also own categories for seniors where categories depend on age. The organizers are responsible for choosing which senior categories are held in their competition. But in every case the lowest senior age category is over 35 year-olds and the highest is over 75 year-olds.

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