Tapion Sulka has a number of committees that discuss, create, and execute ideas and happenings that benefit the club. 

Each committee can independently decide on its activity within the boundaries of the club annual plan and based on instructions from the club Board of Directors. However, significant decisions should be approved by the club Board of Directors. The club hopes for active committee activity and has reserved a small budget for each committee that can be used for expenses from committee meetings.  

We want you as a part of our activity! Express your interest or ask more from the board or directly from the relevant committee chair. 

Why participate in committees? 

  • A possibility to develop TS and create cool things in ways that interest you
  • A way to meet new club members! 
  • You will get experience that is useful in working life (and good for your CV)
  • No firm commitment - you can participate based on your own schedule. 

Please find below a list of our committees and an approximate description of their activities along with their current compositions: 

Coaching Committee 

Interested in planning the future of our club’s coaching? Come and give our Club Manager some ideas in the Coaching Committee!

The Coaching Committee is responsible for the club’s coaching approach and goals. It maintains the club’s coach community and ensures that coaching quality meets agreed levels.

Antti Santalahti (pj.)

Coach Training Committee 

Do you know how to make our coaches even better than now? Come join the Coach Training Committee!

Tapion Sulka’s success has long been based on the deep expertise of our coaches and its systematic development. The Coach Training Committee organizes training opportunities for coaches, including promoting that coaches share knowledge with each other.

Laura Vokkolainen (pj.)

Finance Committee

Do you like sales? The Finance Committee will give you a shot at practicing B2B sales.

In economy, it is important that our expenses are not greater than our income. Our Finance Committee ensures this at the club, as it is responsible for the annual budget. It also works at increasing the club’s income - engaging in corporate partnerships and seeking financial grants and support are part of its tasks.

Eetu Li (pj.)

Competition Committee 

Do you enjoy the atmosphere at competitions? Come and help out in arranging them!

Competing is one of the club’s cornerstones. We arrange several official tournaments each year and also many internal competitions, such as ranking tournaments and a double tournament in December. We have received awards - even international ones - for the high quality of our competitions! The Competition Committee is responsible for arranging them.

Elina Väisänen (pj.)

Communications Committee

Would you like to create interesting social media content? Any interest in journalism?

This Committee is responsible for both internal and external communications of the club. Administering our website, our social media accounts, as well as coordinating the regular member bulletin are part of the Committee’s core duties. Its main language is Finnish, but all important information is also provided in English whenever possible. In addition, the Communications Committee maintains regular contact with Länsiväylä and other local media.

An Cong (pj.)

Leisure Committee

Help the club members have fun as well as promote club spirit!

The Leisure Committee ensures that our atmosphere is always positive and enjoyable. Promoting club spirit is part of its responsibilities. The Leisure Committee is also responsible for arranging internal events at the end of each season and before Christmas. During 2020 - Tapion Sulka’s 60th anniversary, the Leisure Committee was responsible for publishing the TSanomat member journal, honoring active members from past decades, and arranging a formal party to celebrate the anniversary.

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