UPDATE! Draw for under 17-15 Finnish Championships and age group championships have been published + safety instructions for the competition

September 14, 2020

Check out the competition safety instructions below and draw here.

17-15 Finnish championships’ and age group championships’ safety instructions

During the competition you must follow all recommendations and orders set by the Finnish authorities - and only show up without any symptoms. Badminton Finland has set its own set of instructions, that you can find from the end of the text. 

In addition to the previously mentioned guidelines, Tapion Sulka would like to emphasize the following:

Use of masks

Face masks should be worn at all times when off court, whenever possible. THL recommends masks for over 15-year-olds.

Supporting audience

Tapion Sulka requests that anyone at the competition supporting a player (family and friends) would only spend the absolute necessary time at the venue. In case a parent or guardian has reason to spend the day supporting and looking after their child, we ask for only one parent or guardian to be present. Players should also aim to minimize their time spent at the venue. 

The previously mentioned instructions strive to ensure that the competition could be played as safely as possible - this requires some changes from the behavior that we are used to. 

Badminton Finland’s safety instructions for competitions during coronavirus

  • Use of face masks is recommended off court
  • Participants must maintain a 1,5 meter distance at all times
  • The competition organisers will ensure that all seating around courts are 1,5 meters apart during the whole competition
  • The competition organisers will remind participants and audience members to maintain a 1,5 meter distance via the pa system
  • Hands should be washed frequently, for at least 20 seconds and with soap
  • Hands are washed before and after matches, after touching shared equipment over the course of the entire match
  • If possible at the venue, time spent waiting is recommended to spend outdoors
  • The competition organisers will ensure sufficient amounts of hand sanitizer at the venue
  • NOTE! Hand sanitizer does not replace washing hands, but is an additional part of good hand hygiene
  • When sneezing or coughing, it’s important to sneeze into your arm or cover your mouth with paper and immediately throw it away. It’s important to wash your hands well after sneezing or coughing. 
    • If you are showing any symptoms of a respiratory infection, you do not show up at the venue and you don’t participate in the competition
  • This means everything ranging from a runny nose and stuffiness to coughing and more serious symptoms. Slight fever is also categorized as a symptom of an infection
  • If suffering from any symptoms, it’s important to contact local health services.
  • If you start having symptoms during the competition, you must retire from the competition and leave the venue avoiding the use of public transport, and seek guidance for a possible covid-19 test
  • The competition organiser must ensure together with the venue staff that any surfaces that are in heavy use are disinfected regularly
    • This includes door handles, faucets etc.
  • Shaking hands before or after a match is forbidden
    • Verbal greeting before and after a match
    • No physical contact through handshakes, fist bumps, etc.
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