Espoo Women's Open 2024

February 12, 2024

Women's and girls' own badminton competition Espoo Women's Open is here again with 2024 edition! 16.-17.3.2024 at the Esport Center, competition is for new enthusiasts of the sport, Finland's top players, for all ages from under 11-year-olds to grown-up women, all in their own classes in a joint event!

Classes for hobby players, adults and juniors

The competition has separate hobby classes, in which you do not need a competition license or represent a club to participate. It is for everybody who enjoys badminton! Register for hobby classes by e-mail to Registrations by March 1st, 2024. When registering, mention the player's name, singles or doubles (or both), date of birth for junior classes, possible club and the desired size of the competition shirt. All registrations will be answered, so make sure you get a reply to your email. Classes for juniors will be by age group: under 11 year-olds (born 2014 or later), under 13 year-olds (born 2012-2013) and under 15 year-olds (born 2010-2011).

There is a singles category and double category in adults hobby competition. You can register for both!

Registration for SSuL's official competition classes is done via tournamentsoftware, by March 1st, 2024.

Registration fees for hobby classes:

Hobby, adults: Singles €26, Doubles €18/player

Hobby, juniors: Singles under 11 years €20, Singles under 13-15 years €26


As is traditional, this year's registration also includes a competition shirt with the new colors of 2024. You can get the shirt at the competition venue on the day of the tournament.

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