Espoo Women's Open 2022

February 14, 2022

The women's own competition Espoo Women's Open will be competed again at the Esport Center on 5th-6th of March!

The competition includes the competitive categories, Valio/Elite, A, B and C, singles and doubles, categories from the age groups U9, U11, U13, U15, U17, U19, 35+ and 45+, singles and doubles (only singles in the U9 category), and also WS-hobby/NK-harraste, WD-hobby/NN-harraste (women's singles hobby and women's doubles hobby) and junior hobby classes in singles for age groups GS17-hobby (TK17-harraste), GS15-hobby (TK15 harraste), GS13-hobby (TK13-harraste) and GS11-hobby (TK11-harraste).

The last day to register is Monday, February 21st. You can register for max. 2 singles categories, there are no restrictions on doubles categories. Registration for competitive classes is done at, registration for hobby classes at You don't need a license to participate in hobby classes and you don't need to represent any club.

By participating in the competition, all participants will receive a competition shirt styled in this year's color! Mention your own size when registering.

Competition fees are invoiced: Valio singles 36 € / doubles 20 € / player, ABC and 35-45-19-17-15-13: singles 30 € / doubles 18 € / player, U11 and U9: singles 20€/ U11 doubles 10 € / player, Hobby: singles 26€ / doubles 16€ / player.

The age group system for juniors was changed at the beginning of this year. Current categories: U9 born 2014 or later, U11 born 2012-2013, U13 born 2010-2011, U15 born 2008-2009, U17 born 2006-2007, U19 born 2004-2005.

If you have any questions, please contact the competition contact person Elina Väisänen,

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