Welcome to join the training groups of the fall season 2022! The season starts 15th of August. Check out the group options here and do the registrations in MyClub. For all the new members: before registration you have to be a member of our club. Here you can find out how to join Tapion Sulka. Book your place in time and come enjoy the best sport in the world with us!

The chairman of our club, Antti Santalahti, has stepped down from his position. Antti has been the chairman of our club since December 2019 and has successfully guided our club through challenging years. Huge thanks to Antti for the work you have done for the club!

Laura Vokkolainen, the former Vice Chairman of the Board, will start as the Chairman of the Board of Tapion Sulka. Tuukka Lehtonen, a member of the Board, will take over as Vice Chairman.

If you might be interested in developing our club, board activities or organizing competitions, don’t hesitate to contact Laura (laura.vokkolainen@hotmail.com) or any other member of the board.

Next ranking event will be on Saturday 21st of May in Esport Center. Event is free for all the Tapion Sulka members, and everybody is welcome regardless of age and skill level. Competition starts at 10am but it’s worth coming to the hall well in advance so you have time to warm up properly. NB! Unlike before, it's not possible to register for the event at the hall on the day of the competition. The registration has to be done via myClub latest on the day before the competition at 6pm! More info about the event can be found here. If you have any questions about the event, you can ask them by e-mail from Anna Paavola (anna.r.paavola@gmail.com).

The members of Tapion Sulka have again a possibility to buy a summer card for badminton in Esport Center! Cards can be used during all of June and July 2022. Card covers your part of the badminton court fee for free at all times and days during the summer season. You can also reserve courts in advance with the summer card.

Prices for the cards are: 20€ for juniors, 40€ for adults. Cards can be bought from the Esport Center from the beginning of June.

After a long while we will be able to start the club’s own rankings again on Saturday 23rd of April! The ranking event is an open and free competition to all members of Tapion Sulka, where you can play as even matches as possible, regardless of age or skill level. The event itself starts at 10 a.m., but it’s worth coming to the hall well in advance so you have time to warm up properly. Rankings are pre-registered via MyClub application, where you can find an event called ”Rankingit”. You can also register at the hall before 9.30 a.m. on Saturday morning. The event is played with your own shuttles, which can also be purchased from the event organizers, in which case the price will be invoiced afterwards via MyClub. During the rankings, there are also some old Tapion Sulka’s club clothes on sale, which is also worth taking advantage of! If you have any questions about the event, you can ask them by e-mail from Anna Paavola (anna.r.paavola@gmail.com).

There is still one chance for all the juniors (born 2008 and all the younger ones) playing badminton just as a fun hobby and the young juniors interested in starting to attend more competitions in near future, to play a very easy-attending competition before summer break. And that would be on Sunday 24th of April in Forever Matinkylä (Matinkartanontie 1, Espoo). ESB Premier Elite competition has this junior competition on the side. There will be classes for U9 (born 2014 or later), U11 (born 2012-2013), U13 (born 2010-2011) and U15 (born 2008-2009). U13 and U15 are just for the players that don’t have a competition license. U9 and U11 can be attended also with the competition license. This is a great chance to come and try the low pressure competition atmosphere ! U9 and U11 classes have a medal for all the attendees! Registration costs 12€ and it will be paid at the hall with cash or via mobile pay. Registration can be done by e-mailing Katja Tapola, katja.tapola@gmail.com. Last day to register is 20th of April and the timetable for the matches will be published the day after. All excited to join!

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