During the winter holiday, all Tapion Sulka badminton practices run normally, except Tuesday's Karakallion Miniässät (moved to the Esport Center at 6-7:30 p.m.) and Tuesday's Karakallion Adult Group (cancelled). Welcome to training in between other winter sports!

Women's and girls' own badminton competition Espoo Women's Open is here again with 2024 edition! 16.-17.3.2024 at the Esport Center, competition is for new enthusiasts of the sport, Finland's top players, for all ages from under 11-year-olds to grown-up women, all in their own classes in a joint event!

Classes for hobby players, adults and juniors

The competition has separate hobby classes, in which you do not need a competition license or represent a club to participate. It is for everybody who enjoys badminton! Register for hobby classes by e-mail to elina.h.vaisanen@gmail.com. Registrations by March 1st, 2024. When registering, mention the player's name, singles or doubles (or both), date of birth for junior classes, possible club and the desired size of the competition shirt. All registrations will be answered, so make sure you get a reply to your email. Classes for juniors will be by age group: under 11 year-olds (born 2014 or later), under 13 year-olds (born 2012-2013) and under 15 year-olds (born 2010-2011).

There is a singles category and double category in adults hobby competition. You can register for both!

Registration for SSuL's official competition classes is done via tournamentsoftware, by March 1st, 2024.

Registration fees for hobby classes:

Hobby, adults: Singles €26, Doubles €18/player

Hobby, juniors: Singles under 11 years €20, Singles under 13-15 years €26


As is traditional, this year's registration also includes a competition shirt with the new colors of 2024. You can get the shirt at the competition venue on the day of the tournament.

During the winter holidays, 19.-23.2. a morning camp is organized for the youngest players of our club (approx. 7-13 years old). The camp is organized in the sports hall of Otaniemi High School (Tietotie 6, Espoo) every morning from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The camp includes 1.5 hours of badminton and 30 minutes of other exercise. The coaches at the camp are Nella Siilasmaa and Sarah Asfar.

You can participate in the camp for the whole week or by registering for individual days. The price for the whole week for the camp is €60, including shuttles, courts and coaching. The price for individual days is 20€/day.

In the same week, our club's evening practices run normally, so a great badminton week is available for all enthusiastic junior players! You can get more information about the camp by email: nella.siilasmaa@gmail.com.


The Finnish Championship is behind us again and we know the champions of 2024. Tapion Sulka had a year of 4 medals: one championship and three silver places.

Joakim Oldorff reached the title for the third time in men's singles. In the final, Joakim faced HBC's Eliel Melleri, who offered Joakim a good challenge. The player from Tapion Sukla took the win 21-18, 21-19.

Photos: Akseli Aalto ja Jere Kokko

In women's singles, Petra Saarnivaara was in the final for the first time, winning all her matches on the way to the final in straight sets. The opponent in the final was last year's champion, HBC's Nella Nyqvist, who, after winning the championship, became a three-time Finnish women's singles champion. Score in the final was 21-4, 21-12.

Photos: Jere Kokko ja Akseli Aalto

Our club's third final placement this year was in mixed doubles. In the semifinals, Kalle Koljonen and Tuuli Härkönen defeated the second seeded pair in a tight three-set battle, and deservedly claimed their place in the final. Unfortunately, Kalle had an injury throughout the tournament, and had to retire in his singles semifinal. Therefore, the mixed doubles final was not played either. HBC's Anton Kaisti and ESB's Iina Suutarinen won the gold medals in the mixed doubles, while Kalle and Tuuli got their silver medals.

Photos: Akseli Aalto ja Jere Kokko

Tapion Sulka congratulates Joakim, Petra, Tuuli ja Kalle!

Last year's champions Jenny Vähäsarja & Nella Nyqvist (HBC) were crowned the women's doubles champions, Noora Nokkala & Iina Suutarinen (ESB) took silver. Also last year's champions Anton Kaisti (HBC) & Joonas Korhonen (BadU) won gold in the men's doubles, Eliel Melleri & Niilo Nyqvist (HBC), who were in the final for the first time, won silver.

Among our 12 players, great performances were seen also behind the finalists. And the work continues, towards future tournaments!

Results from the tournament: https://badmintonfinland.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/winners.aspx?id=d6061181-3dcb-408e-ba65-3447c65d503f

The main event of the year in national badminton competitions is again at hand, when our top badminton players compete for the championships at Vantaa Energia Arena on February 1-3 2024! This year, entry to the event is free of charge throughout the competition.

The competition action starts on Thursday with the qualifiers starting at 2:30 p.m., and with the main draw matches starting at 6:30 p.m. with the men's singles first round matches.

On Friday, the main draw competition start also in all the remaining disciplines - women's singles, mixed doubles, men's doubles and women's doubles. The matches start at 10 a.m. with R16 of all disciplines. Quarterfinals will start at 5.30 p.m.

Saturday is the main day of the tournament, when from 9:30 in the morning the day starts with the semi-finals. Finalists will compete for the trophies in the final event starting at 15:45!

Tapion Sulka has 12 players competing in the competition:

Men’s singles: Kalle Koljonen, Joakim Oldorff, Rasmus Andersson, Tony Lindelöf, Aleksi Mäki, Oliver Oldorff

Women’s singles: Petra Saarnivaara, Annika Vokkolainen, Ellen Virta

Men’s doubles: Tony Lindelöf/Joakim Oldorff, Oliver Oldorff/Eemi Ukkola (Sulkaset)

Women’s doubles: Sarah Asfar/Oona Tapola (ESB), Ellen Virta/Ria Tuominen (HBC), Tuuli Härkönen/Elina Övermark (ESB), Annika Vokkolainen/Nova Deb (HBC), Helena Santalahti/Pihla Mäkelä (Halikon Sulkis)

Mixed doubles: Tuuli Härkönen/Kalle Koljonen, Sarah Asfar/Robin Jäntti (HBC)

From the medalists of the 2023 championships, this year will participate Joakim Oldorff and Kalle Koljonen in the men's singles (gold and silver last year), Petra Saarnivaara won silver in the women's doubles last year, and the silver medalists in the men's doubles were Tony Lindelöf/Joakim Oldorff. Now it's time for a new competition and new opportunities, and our players are even hungrier for success this year!

Schedule and results: https://badmintonfinland.tournamentsoftware.com/tournament/d6061181-3dcb-408e-ba65-3447c65d503f/Matches

The autumn meeting of Tapion Sulka will be held on 21st of December at Esport Center (Koivu-Mankkaantie 3, Espoo) at 7 p.m.

Matters that the club members wish to be discussed at the autumn meeting can be proposed to the board. The proposal needs to be send to the board (hallitus@tapionsulka.fi) in written at least five days before the meeting.

The Board of Tapion Sulka welcomes all members to the meeting.

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