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General information

You are most welcome to attend the January Elite Tournament arranged by the biggest badminton club in Finland. Tapion Sulka is also the most successful of Finnish badminton clubs in the 90's. The tournament takes place in the biggest badminton hall in Finland: Esport Center (23 courts).

Organising team: Tapion Sulka, Espoo, Finland
Date: 6th and 7th of January 2001
Venue: Esport Center, Koivumankkaantie 3, Espoo
Classes: Elite, A, B, C, D
Restrictions: 1 singles, 1 doubles and 1 mixed doubles entry per player
Scoring: Elite: best of 5 games, each game to 7 points (IBF approved). All other classes: normal scoring.
Shuttles: Finnish Badminton Association approved shuttles
Draw: 9th of December 2000, see the results of the draw
Accommodation: Scandic Hotel Espoo. Single/double room FIM300, room for three FIM360. Address: Nihtisillantie 1, Espoo. Reservations: +358 9 525311. Remember to mention "Tapion Sulka's tournament" in order to get these lower prices.


Entry fees:
Elite/Men and Mixed FIM200 (shuttlecocks included)
Elite/Women FIM160 (shuttlecocks included)
Classes A and B FIM110 (shuttlecocks not included)
Classes C and D FIM100 (shuttlecocks not included)

Closing day for entries: 6th of December 2000

Postal address for entries:
Tapion Sulka
Hakarinne 6 G 98
FIN-02120 Espoo

E-mail address for entries:

Tournament information: Mr Eino Väisänen (+358-50-531 4672) or Mr Michael Bailey (+358-50-5160720)

Additional information

Moderately prised food can be bought in the hall-cafeteria. There is also a McDonald's restaurant within walking distance. The centre of Tapiola, excellent place for shopping for instance, is just 10 min walk away. The hotel is located 10 min drive north from the badminton hall. Transportation can be arranged if needed.

If you have any other questions please contact office@tapionsulka.fi.

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